to be a being

I want to be a wealthy being. wealth in terms of concepts and execution of these concepts but money matters! I am done being shy about it. I want to live and live have my brain paying the bills and taking me places. to label my work “Let me kiss your butt cheek …” and be awarded for it. To be a being who remembers that granaries exist at home amidst grass thatched mud houses. …that the millet I eat is a source of strength and the silent prayer I say before any art work is carefully answered by God. To be a being, sharing wisdom by expression with out wavering to societies expectations. to be honest making sense and non-sense. knowing that contradiction is a part of being existent. living in my crafty creations.   This experiment that I am will one day be an artist with oblivion being a mere memory and not a reality.

Work in progress
Immy Mali, Seared Archive 2016 Afri Art Gallery,Kampala Uganda Courtesy of the artist Photo credit. Rosalie van Deursen

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