Virtually Mine

Turning his back on his university qualifications back home in Uganda, he travelled to U.A.E to work as a guard. “I am here for the money not the comfort”, was his reply when I asked about the living conditions. Friends, family, and myself were left behind. He made promises of returning and as two lovers; more promises of waiting for each other were made.

It’s over a year today. I’m only able to see a misty image of him on Skype, hear his voice in long distance calls and chat with him via WhatsApp and Facebook. My Sony Xperia C002 is the only presence of him that I can touch. Our entire relationship is now imaginary worked out by the brain then translated to the heart. Happiness, sadness, laughter, grief, fights, making up all expressed on this tiny device.



Virtually Mine, Glass 150x150x300cm(variable size) 2016. Installation view from the exhibition Kabbo ka Muwala(The girl’s Basket). Apr 14-Jun 12,2016 Makerere Art Gallery, Kampala Uganda, Sept 24-dec 11,2016 Städtische Galerie Bremen, Germany. Courtesy of KULTURSTIFTUNG DES BUNDES. Photo by Artist


My mind with time has created an ideal man. Broad chest, 6foot tall, well built biceps. Images fed to me by television. A man greater in stature providing a sense of security and hope that I jealously cleave to.