18MUSTS photo by Immy Mali

18MUSTS 2015.photo by Immy Mali Immy Mali


Interactive installation, charcoal drawings and text.2015

KHOJ international artists workshop,Refracting rooms, Pune, Maharashtra India.

Photos by Alison Wynn and Immy Mali, Still from video by Benjamin Lenzner


Rules have been a part of life for as long as I can remember. 

Be it in the broad society, at home, or school. They are a guard against potentially 

dangerous situations but also a block to further discoveries of human capabilities. 

In 18 MUSTS I seek to break the boundaries that rules and conditions can subject

one to. To breakout of the confines built by the society and even by self.

A paper wall is built of partially burnt hotel cash receipts that once belonged to 

customers of the hotel between the year 2005 and  2012. 

The receipts, are a  metaphor for conformance by the customers to be under 

the 18 hotel rules placed behind each door to different rooms. through a performance, 

a biker drives through the wall crushing the rules inscribed in red paint .The audience is 

then invited to tear down the remaining wall as a way to deal away with rules in the space

that is now transforming into an art space. A  symbolic gesture of breaking the rules. 

Drawings of artists “mockery or alternative interpretation” of the rules can be found on the 

hotel doors replacing the old rules

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