LORD, mixed media installation,191x98x78cm,  Alle School of Fine Arts and Design Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Courtesy of the British Council Photo by: Jessica Atieno 


Installation view 2016,  Photo by Mihret Kebede


Its been said, there’s a thin line between love and hate… the same can be said for Pain and pleasure. Celebrations of festivities, saints, signified by many charitable deeds such as feeding the hungry and sharing with loved ones carry on in the vibrant city. The chuckles of the bulldozers that walk the streets fill the air as dust and skyscrapers rise into the sky….

Silence drifts in when conversations on sexual abuse are incited. A silence that blankets any pain that an incident such as this might cause.

Comfort ,ecstacy, delight turn into a nightmare. One shielded by a silence intensified in religious celebrations, charity and the fear of social stigma. Conversations on sexual abuse are silenced as they are incited. Silence blankets any pain that an incident like this might cause.

Positions of “power” implied even in the grooming tools; LORD, SUPER MAX.