Reconciliation Saloon

Reconciliation Saloon (I) 2014 photo by Alfred OkotReconciliation Saloon (I)


Reconciliation Saloon (I)Reconciliation Saloon (I)  Reconciliation Saloon (I)Reconciliation Saloon(i)

Reconciliation Saloon (i) Hair and cutlery. photo by Alfred OkotReconciliation Saloon(I)2014. photo by Okot Alfred


Reconciliation Saloon series (I)2014, mixed media (hair) installation of variable size. Photos by Okot Alfred.

On going project. the sacredness of food and the compromises we are willing/not willing to make in order to achieve peace in the conflict raided parts of life. This project is inspired by the Matoput Reconcilliation ritual occasionally practiced in Northern Uganda as a way of healing, forgiveness and reintegrating the offender into a community.

the conversations, the dialogues, gossip that takes place in the saloons touching sensitive matters such as sex, domestic violence, fickle relations. food and Saloon being the communal ground.


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