Seared Archive


Seared Archive, Performance and installation 2016, Installation dimensions variable from 300x300x250cm (28.4×28.4×29.8 cm, paper stool)Performance duration,( 1-3hrs)variable.  Performers: Sanaa Gateja, Elly Niwatuhereza, Apoo Sandra, Tiga Ryan Moses, Immy Mali.  Courtesy of the artist at Afri Art Gallery Kampala, Uganda. Film and Photos by: Lara Buchmann, Rosalie van Deursen.

… left with a stained body, a stained memory

all help so near and yet so far… 

screaming eyes with a tongue gripping to the floor of her widely open mouth…

This project is a reflection on community indifference; how people sit and mind their own business while another’s integrity and dignity is stained and tarnished. The dwindling of the tradition of community parenting and community policing in Uganda’s urban settlements.

A priest, solider, businesswoman, boda boda cyclist and housemaid take turns sitting on the white Paper stool. As each person sits on the stool at intervals, it slowly bleeds staining the archive and gradually turning the paper stool red.




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